Success Stories

'Military Hippie' generated more than $1M in a year using the Traffic Booster

"Traffic, sales, revenues. With StoreYa we are able to make this year our best year so far! Their automatic real time optimization makes sure we are getting the best value for our advertising money. Our ROI is sky high" Karolyn Fox, CEO

  • By using the Traffic Booster 'Military Hippie' managed to generate more than $1M dollars in the past year
  • Taking advantage of different advertising channels: Shopping, Dynamic remarketing, Dynamic search ads, and customized search ads
Business name: Military Hippie

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'Old Guys Rule' are making 500% ROI using the Traffic Booster

“I started the Traffic Booster with a $99 budget, and I was getting 5x return, so I said ok I'll do $400 BOOM, let's just drop a $1,000 a month, you know, and it's been 5x return minimum minimum Dave Andrews, CEO

  • By using the Traffic Booster 'Old Guys Rule' managed to increase their sales by a minimum of 500%
  • Email addresses collected: 6,000
  • Facebook likes: 1,000
Business name: Old Guys Rule

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How an eCommerce Store Set Itself Up for Sustained Growth

"The Coupon Pop helped us grow our business Immensely! I was shocked at the results we got. Even with less than amazing promotions on our part, people still flocked to the pop up. We were not even aware of the power of Facebook until we got this app. It’s making our company look better and better by the day!” Tyler Brucato, CEO

  • Facebook fans gained: 5,400 (an increase of 70%)
  • Instagram followers gained: 5,942
  • Sales increase: $40,000
Business name: Angelus Direct

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Better eCommerce Customer Acquisition: The Traffic Booster and its ‘Secret Sauce’

I mainly sell through chain stores, but this past November I launched a Shopify store in order to reach private customers. November didn’t start great, and because I am not an online marketing expert I approached StoreYa. Within a month, the Traffic Booster generated over $30K for my company! Nava Zahavi, CEO

By using the Traffic Booster, Nava Zahavi managed to increase the sales on her site by $30,000 in just one month. Business name: Nava Zahavi

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How to Increase Your Email List by 40% Using Pop Ups

Tiger Mist’s focus on their Coupon Pop design combined with a great offer definitely paid off for them. People were so attracted to their pop up that over the course of six months not only did Tiger Mist grow its email list by 40%, but it also increased its Facebook reach and drastically boosted traffic to its website and social networks!

By using the Coupon Pop Tiger Mist managed to increase their email list by 40%, gain new Facebook fans, and return customers Business name: Tiger Mist

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450% ROI Using Traffic Booster in 1 Month: The Story of ‘Running On The Wall’

The Traffic Booster is the real thing, and very professional. I was more than happy to get rid of my work load and my self learning/doing everything. Finally a good ROI (450% for every $1 spent, a customer spent $4.50). In a month and a half you brought us 59 new sales! Meli Anna, CEO

By using the Traffic Booster 'Running on the wall' managed to increase their sales by 450% Business name: Running On The Wall

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The eCommerce Marketing Strategy that Generated 40,000 Leads

Using the Coupon Pop, was one of the best eCommerce marketing decisions; our experience with coupon pop has been great! Aside from the simplicity (no coding!) that comes with using the tool, the results were better than we could have expected. After just a few months we've collected 40,000 emails, and over 500 new Facebook fans! Abdel Ghunaim, CEO

  • Facebook fans gained: 500
  • Email addresses collected: 40,000
  • Significant boost in revenues
Business name: Wholesale Beddings

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A Day in the life of a REAL Facebook Store

We launched a Group Deal on our Facebook shop and within the first 3 hours the Facebook store has gained over 600 fans joining the group deal that was advertised on the store’s homepage. When we reached over 1000 fans who joined the deal, we decided to close it, as it fulfilled all of our aspirations in a manner of hours Thomas Adams, CEO

  • Users joined the deal: 1,000
  • Facebook fans gained: 4,000
  • Users visited their Facebook store: +10,000
  • Significant boost in revenues
Business name: One Piece

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