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Kreg Reeder

StoreYa helped get me more people to my website, which means more traffic, leads and sales.

Andy Critchlow

Truly Amazing, a shop on Facebook has never been so easy since we chose StoreYa. We were up and selling in a matter of hours! Thanks guys

Loren Ridinger

StoreYa is a game changer for us and I couldn’t be happier to partner with them!

Larnie Roepen

Thanks StoreYa for giving me a way to integrate my website, Facebook page and Etsy store all together. You are helping me build my business...Thanks :)

Perkins Rose

I have recently opened our FashionSistas StoreYa shop & we are really excited about the immediate results & future possibilities. It's quick & easy to set up, maintain & we love it!

Matt Ligor

I love StoreYa! It’s so easy and well laid out. I see a bright future ahead for myself with StoreYa!

Raelene Ng

With StoreYa I can just focus on listing my items on Etsy and then sync the lot. I had an issue with the store not syncing immediately when I upgraded, so I messaged and it was sorted out in 5 minutes! That was impressive!

Shelley D Brienza

StoreYa is great! It's easy and looks very professional. Give it a try today!

Adil Elouazzani

We have just discovered Storeya. We are impressed with its power and simplicity. We are confident Storeya will help us create more value to our customers