We selected StoreYa out of tens of different PPC agencies because they offer the perfect combination between people and technology.
Since using them our revenues jumped by 62% while our marketing spend went down by 18%.

Amit Eldar, Head of Global eCommerce

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Automatic Setup

Managing and syncing any number of feed’s products Automatic setup allows our AI to modify the feed of products to meet with Google Search, Display and Shopping as well as with Facebook DPA best practices and keep the ads creation automatic and synced with the products and their inventory.

Our Automatic Ads Creation allows us to cover the entire feed of products, no matter how large it is, enabling growth that was not an option before. The process is monitored by an experienced account manager.

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Automatic Optimization

Real-time optimization of ads, keywords, LPs, bids and budgets. Our Real-time Optimization keeps our setup dynamic and not a one time thing.

It allows our AI to match the relevant users with the relevant ads at the most suitable time and land each user at the most relevant product page on your store for that user.

Our Bid Optimization uses the most effective bid and our Dynamic Budgeting shifts the budget to the most relevant advertising channel – platform and Cross-Platform wise.

Any history the store already has is automatically extracted and taken into account in our optimization from the get-go.


Multi-Channel Dashboard

Easy understanding of the results per channel Multi-Channel Dashboard allows growth. Through our dashboard, our merchants can easily track cost, sales and revenues per advertising channel and expend media budget according to their results.

This can be done at any moment in order to get the best results possible.

Visits Cost Orders Revenues
Search 4,355 $587 504.55 $34,582
Shopping 4,355 $587 504.55 $34,582
Display 4,355 $587 504.55 $34,582
YouTube 4,355 $587 504.55 $34,582
total 4,355 $587 504.55 $34,582
10,209 Visitors driven since last payment
$15,316 Cost since last payment
9,261 Number of orders all time
$612,614 Total revenues all time

Performance Based

Our AI was designed to gain the best return on ads spend for you


Effectively scale up your advertising while keeping its high ROAS

Feed Management

Advertise your entire feed of products, keeping it synched

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