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StoreYa in a Nutshell

StoreYa offers a suite of marketing and advertising apps which help SMBs increase sales, leads and social following.

We are retail heroes with the sole purpose of helping you grow your business!

We assist over 400,000 retailers, entrepreneurs and innovators, just like you, turn dreams and passions into reality. By driving targeted traffic that generates sales and leads, our clients can focus on their products not their marketing.

As former small business owners ourselves, we understand the day-to-day struggles that you face. We are all too familiar with the lack of manpower, budget, and resources that you need in order to fulfill your dreams. That's why StoreYa was born and why we're here to help you win!

Why should you use StoreYa?

StoreYa apps work! On average, our merchants have seen:


avg. return on investment


avg. monthly increase in social communities


avg. more pageviews (Great for SEO!)

Is it complicated to use?

StoreYa apps are all built to be user friendly - No coding or design skills are required to set them up, they are compatible with all languages, and work on every major eCommerce platform.

Here, check out some of our apps:

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