• Ads budget included
  • Estimated monthly visitors
  • Estimated monthly sales
  • Google Shopping
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Works on any site
  • Manual set up
  • Automatic bid optimizer
  • Dynamic keywords & ads
  • Machine learning
  • Dashboard
  • Facebook ads
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support
33% discount on the first month! $180 $120 $108 /month Get Started Now!
  • Ads budget included
  • Estimated monthly visitors 250-500
  • Estimated monthly sales 5-8
  • Works on any site
  • Facebook ads
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support Community support
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Facebook Ads
33% discount on the first month! $500 $335 $300 /month Get Started Now!
  • Ads budget included
  • Estimated monthly visitors 700-1,400
  • Estimated monthly sales 14-20
  • Works on any site
  • Facebook ads
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support Up to 24 hours
Facebook Ads
33% discount on the first month! $1,500 $1,000 $900 /month Get Started Now!
  • Ads budget included
  • Estimated monthly visitors 2,000-4,000
  • Estimated monthly sales 40-60
  • Works on any site
  • Facebook ads
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Support Immediate support

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We invested in the beginning a small amount of money with Traffic Booster and saw their CPC was converting through the roof. We are seeing a 5x return on every dollar spent with Traffic Booster. If you spend $1 and make $5 it just makes sense.

Dave Andrews Old Guys Rule

The guys of StoreYa have been more than amazing. Right from the get go we seen 4x to 8x ROAS on their service. And the beauty of it is that it is set and forget. Aside from that their support is awesome. Always up for a quick skype call and they respond super fast to any inquiries. I highly recommend them and fully trust them with our ad budgets!

Luuk Olde Bijvank GearBunch

I have been a jewelry designer for the last 15 years. I mainly sell through chain stores and catalogs, but this past November I launched a Shopify store in order to expand and reach private customers. November didn’t start great, and because I am not an online marketing expert I approached StoreYa. That’s when StoreYa set me up with the Traffic Booster. Within a month, the Traffic Booster generated over $30K for my company!

Nava Zahavi Nava Zahavi jewelry

Traffic Booster has been really cool. To be honest, I was quite skeptical given the typical sales pitch I get on these type of things. But the link you’re using is a UTM link I provided and we’re actually seeing and measuring traffic with a high conversion rate, strong time on site, and pages visited. So aside from the dollar conversion being positive to the spend, the time on site and page visits show that it’s hitting the right audience. That’s something that makes me happy.

Josh Sprague Orange mud

Traffic Booster = Amazing Performance! We've been using the Traffic Booster for the past 6 months and the ROI we see is x8 We've been gradually increasing the monthly budget, spending a few thousands of dollars and gaining hundreds of sales worth thousands of dollars. I'm very satisfied with the product and service, and I highly recommend you to give this app a try!

Karolyn Fox Militaryhippie.com

I’m learning that I can’t be an expert at everything. We do an amazing job at generating leads on Facebook and Instagram, but I hadn’t used Google Ads in years. Traffic Booster brings us new leads that we may not have otherwise had. It’s an inexpensive way to increase our reach, and I don’t have to manage it. We’ve had great success with getting well-qualified, low-cost traffic. The conversions have been very good!

Susan Bradley Weesqueak.com

How does the Traffic Booster work?

Our expert marketing team has experience managing over $100M on PPC ad campaigns, creates personalized campaigns for your business on the largest ad-networks, like Google Ads, Facebook, and more. Then our algorithm kicks in - optimizing in real time the bids and matching the keywords and ads with the most relevant pages on your site - all in order to get the most effective campaigns at any given moment. In doing so we can achieve the lowest price per click in order to help your company achieve its goals. If you're looking to boost your sales, increase leads or generate high-quality traffic to your website, then the Traffic Booster is what you need!

How is traffic qualified and targeted?

Your campaigns will appear when potential visitors search for your products or services either actively on Google or by browsing in relevant sites. The traffic is targeted through keywords, demographics and geographic data, so that the right visitors are seeing your ads on the right time.

What is the pricing structure?

Plans are monthly so there's no long term commitment, no risk. All plans include the set-up of your campaigns and the ads budget.

Does the Traffic Booster guarantee sales?

We provide an estimated number of targeted customers visiting your business' site. The conversion rate is determined by many factors such as your site's design and flow, your products' and service quality and rates, and the promotions you run in comparison with any competitors you might have. While we ensure that the right traffic will be driven to your website, it is still up to you to finalize the sale.

Can't I do it myself?

Even if you have the time and experience required for setting up and managing multiple channels PPC and media buying campaigns, our algorithm still has the advantage of optimizing your campaigns in real time. Real time optimization can dynamically update your bids, and ads according to the traffic available on Google and the other networks at any given time.

How can I track performance?

Traffic Booster comes with a dashboard showing you the number of visitors driven to your site on a daily basis. If you have Google Analytics integrated with your site, you can monitor the traffic using the following UTM parameters: Source/Medium = stry/ trafb and Source/Medium = stry2/ media.

What is the flow of the Traffic booster?

You fill out a short form stating your domain, geographic target audience and demographics. This should take you around 30 seconds. Our team of marketing experts will analyze your business in order to identify your target audience, and market effectively your products or services to the right people. Once your target audience is identified, our marketing experts, equipped with our algorithm, will determine the best advertising channels and keywords that would drive the most relevant traffic to your business at the lowest cost. Ad copy and landing pages - We prepare engaging ad copy and select relevant landing pages for each of your ads to give your traffic the best chance to convert into sales. Implementation - Every campaign is personalized and unique. We will optimize your campaign settings so that they get the best ROI possible. Optimization - Your campaign performance is constantly analyzed and optimized by our algorithm in order to generate as many sales as possible for the lowest possible bids.

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