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By using StoreYa's advertising technology, we managed to gain a 470% increase in sales and turn our business into a multi-million dollar business.

Devan & Crystal, Owners of Envystylz

How Does Traffic Booster Work?

Our eCommerce marketing experts, supported by advanced AI, craft personalized ad campaigns for your store. Utilizing AI capabilities, we optimize these campaigns for peak performance. The Traffic Booster AI is designed to attract the most relevant customers to your product pages, ensuring efficiency at minimal costs.

Advertising Methods

We use ads that are most relevant to your store. This includes Google Search, Shopping, PMax, YouTube, remarketing, and Smart Display ads, as well as Facebook and Instagram acquisition and retargeting ads. Learn More

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Machine Learning

Traffic Booster’s algorithm optimizes all your campaigns in real-time based on 300+ analyzed parameters. The goal is to ensure that the most suitable ad is shown to the most relevant potential customer, maximizing the potential for sales.


Simplified Dashboard

In an easy-to-understand format, Traffic Booster’s cross-platform dashboard displays comprehensive advertising data such as visitors, orders, revenue, and ROAS per channel. It is designed to help you quickly scale up according to the results.


Partnering with the Best

Traffic Booster has been designed to make the launch and optimization of your ad campaigns a breeze, thanks to its seamless integration with the top eCommerce platforms around the world. Whether you're using one of these platforms or a custom one, Traffic Booster is the perfect tool to drive traffic to your online store.

Join 500,000+ merchants who use our platform!

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