Regain the attention of your past visitors through more than 2 million websites. With ads and creatives displaying the specific products which your visitors previously browsed.

Google Dynamic remarketing ads engage your website's visitors through more than 2 million sites of Google Display Network advertising the very products they proved to be interested in. Giving you the chance to bring back 99% of people who didn’t follow through with a purchase on their first visit.

ROI Hunter Easy creates all necessary setup for your ads, absolutely free of charge. You’ll only pay for the ad spend directly to Google as if you created the ads yourself.

  • Easy setup - connect your account, the rest is done automatically.
  • Product feed generation -a free creation of the complete product database necessary for the ads creation.
  • Tracking ads performance - you will see how many sales the ads brought to you.
  • No additional fees - you only pay for the ad spend invoiced by Google.

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