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Free site audit allowing you to compare your web store to thousands of large stores, pinpointing what you can easily do to improve your store today!

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How does 'Benchmark Hero' work?

Site Audit - upon your approval, our system will audit and rank your site for business, marketing, technical and eCommerce purposes.

Benchmark - each segment will be compared with the results of 7 and 8 figures stores.

Action Items - the system will guide you through actionable items per each segment, so that you can improve your store's performance today.


Shopping experience
Does your product description have the optimal length? Are you running enough promotions? Are you providing the shopping experience your clients are expecting?
If you are not, we will guide you through!
Trustworthy store
Does your store carry the relevant badges and reviews that would make it trustworthy? Does it state the info that would reassure your customers and put you on good terms with Google? If not, we will guide you through!
Technical performance
Are your images optimized for both desktop and mobile? Does your store upload time meet the requirements of both your customers and Google? If it's not, we will guide you on how to adjust it.
Are you taking advantage of all relevant advertising methods for your store? Whether it is Facebook, Google Ads, Shopping or Remarketing, we will guide you through, and even take that burden off your shoulders should you want us to.

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How does the 'Benchmark Hero' work?

Upon receiving your approval (a click of a button from your end), our system will audit your site and compare its performance to 7 figures sites, guiding you on where and how you can improve your store today.

Is it really free?

Yes it is. No credit card required and we are not planning on ever making this tool a paid one.

We were eCommerce merchants ourselves. We have developed this tool while working on other tools. If you are happy with this tool you might come and use them, but there is no strings attached. This is us paying it forward.

Will I be able to improve the store by myself?

Yes. You might decide on outsourcing some of the recommendations, but all of them are going to be easy enough for your to execute them by yourself.

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