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Structure & Targeting

We will combine growth and retargeting campaigns in order to provide you with the best ROAS and scaling opportunities. Audiences would be suggested by our AI solution which segments over 300 factors and set up by our team of experts.

Ad creatives

We will advertise your brand using dynamic ads that would best fit each user with a frame that we would tailor for your business so it becomes recognized. Our marketing experts add the necessary human touch to deliver a highly customized journey.

Real-Time optimization

Our real-time optimization is unbeatable. Budgets and bids are optimized and shifted for best results. Campaigns, ad set, journeys, target audiences and ads are all optimized towards getting the best ROAS at present and opening as many scaling opportunities for the future.


Our dashboard will allow you to monitor daily your actual return on ads spend per each campaign - what was spent and what was gained. No need to drill down through Facebook’s stats - get the highlights calculated for you.


Set the budget you want us to manage for you and adjust it to your satisfaction.
Our fee starts as low as $200.

Ads Budget $1,000

Fee $200 (20%)

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