Popular Keywords for Your Industry

Can you guess what the three most expensive niche categories were. in terms of search, for 2016? According to Mongools… it was these: Legal, Medical and Insurance terms.

Don’t believe us? Look at Search Engine’s list of 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases. add that to the fact that there are 4 billion daily searches on google alone - we know just how important keyword terms are.

Bidding on high-volume search terms can bring you huge amounts of site visitors, but it has its drawbacks. Managing high-traffic, popular keywords is a tricky business as it requires far more hands-ons monitoring to ensure you are not blowing through your ad spend. Why? Because popular search terms will have high competition and therefore much higher costs.

Another consideration is that popular keyword terms are generally much shorter and are therefore much broader, making it difficult to get the highly-relevant traffic you need to convert those sales. So before we discuss these search gems, we need to ask ourselves, How do you navigate popular search term management for maximum results and less spend? By improving your quality score of the keyword and its ad group (as we learned in our Everything You Need to Know About AdWords tutorial, quality score affects your costs) by ensuring they are relevant and grouped correctly.

Let's explain further…

Managing Popular Keywords and Terms

It’s important to mention that you shouldn't waste money on any old term, just because it has a gazillion search queries. The trick is to ensure that you are using high-volume terms that are still relevant to your business. Here are some management tricks to keep your cost down and your ads relevant.

Make Sure Your Ads are Highly Relevant to Content and Popular Keyword Searches

To do this, you will want to make sure that the ad headline, description, destination URL and the popular keywords. Say, for example, you are an online store in the weightloss/fitness niche and are using the most popular of this niche’s keyword terms: “weight loss.” You may want to craft your ad like this:

  • Headline: Weight Loss made easy
  • Description: Weight loss is now possible with these guaranteed products, now 50% less
  • CTA: Shop Deal Now
  • CTA: Shop Deal Now

Group Popular Keywords Correctly

Putting all your eggs (keywords) in one basket will destroy your quality score and drive your costs through the roof. Let’s use the above weight loss/fitness niche example. If you are planning on using the most popular terms in this niche -- weight loss, weight loss diet, weight loss surgery and weight loss program -- you will see they are not as closely related as you may think. The trick to getting your score up and lowering your costs is to group your popular and key words together into smaller groups to ensure that they are highly relevant ads. Don’t forget to add those long-tail keywords that include the popular terms.

Finding the Post Popular Keywords for Your Industry

So how do you find those juicy keywords? Here are the top tools you can use to find trending AdWords keywords in your niche.

Google’s Autocomplete

Autocomplete is one of the best tools you have at your disposable on finding those highly searched terms.

The way Google’s clever prediction algorithm works, is by anticipating your search based on other searchers’ activities, indexed web pages and personalized search history in real-time. To work this tool effectively to your advantage, use incognito mode and clear your web history, allowing the most popular search terms to be populated.

AdWords’ Keyword Planner Tool

AdWords keyword planner allows your to measure a keyword term’s popularity and competition, while offering a platform for searching keyword ideas.

Google Trends

Another good indicator of up-and-coming popular search terms is Google Trends’ Hot Searches. Additionally, Trends allows you to input a possible term and see its search stats over 10 years and compare multiple terms.

Other tools that can help include Twitter Search, YouTube Keyword Tool and YouTube Trends. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out Siege Media's list of 100 most searched terms.