13 Top AdWords Tools for Success

Ah, Google Ads, the must-have eCommerce PPC platform where constant monitoring and optimization is key to successfully driving traffic. We know, it can feel like a full-time job, which is why we’ve got just the time-saving tools for you.

Take the hassle out of Google Ads with these top AdWords tools.

Top AdWords Keyword Tools

1. KW Finder

If you’re on the hunt for keyword ideas, then kw finder is just the tool for you. this tool offers a free version that allows you 3 lookups per 24 hours and 50 related keywords per search. their packages start from around $13 per month.

KW finder also gives you top-ranking sites for keywords, giving you Facebook and Google shares, external links and page authority for each - giving you all the information you need to compete against those top-ranking pages in your niche and helping you do valuable keyword research.

Price: From $13 p/m

2. Google Ads Keyword Tool

No AdWords keyword tools list would be complete without Google Ads themselves. Google’s adwords keyword tool is great helper to research new, winning keywords right there in your dashboard. best suited for shorter phrases and words, with Google Ads keyword tool you can

  • Discover new keywords
  • Compare keyword trends
  • Create and share keyword plans

Price: Free

3. Answer the Public

If you’re looking for keyword terms in the form of questions, then answer the public is for you. this handy keyword tool lets you find the questions browsers are using, based on topics around your products and niche.

Its user interface is very easy to navigate and either gives you a whole visual representation of all the questions searchers would be asking on the topic, or you can break it down into what, when, who and how.

One big advantage of this tool is that it gives you an idea of the problems/pain points your potential customers have around this niche, and allows you to address them, not just with your AdWords campaigns but everywhere - from your email marketing text to your landing page copy.

Price: Free

5. AdWords Wrapper

When you’re building your keyword list, things can get very confusing: duplicates can be made, lists get too long to sort, and if you have a store with many products, sorting out your keywords can be the thorn in your side. Enter adwords wrapper… this handy tool will split your keywords into phrase match and exact match, and get rid of all those pesky duplicates.

Once you have your lists sorted, they can be easily copied back into your Excel or text files.

Price: Free

6. Google Trends

We know this is a great tool for trending topics or a new trending product, but did you know that google trends is a must-use tool for any store owner when testing out new keywords?

The comparison function is a great way to compare product searches as above, but also keyword terms to find the one with the most searches.

Price: Free

Top AdWords Ad Setup & Optimization Tools

7. Unbounce

No AdWords campaign would be complete without a landing page URL. If you are looking to create a specific landing page for a specific deal or product launch, then unbounce could be for you. if you are running a lot of limited-time offer adwords ads for various products across your stock, this will help you quickly and efficiently push out those sales landing pages.

They have more than 125 ready-to-go drop-and-drag landing page templates to help make relevant pages to match your ads and push shoppers through your sales funnel. Warning, though: this tool is not the cheapest and starts at $79 per month, but it has good success with big brands.

Price: $79 p/m

8. AdWords Ad Preview Tool

Simple but effective, adwords ad preview tool allows you to preview all your serp ads before you run them. the advantage of this is not just to review your text and see how your headers and text match, but even more importantly, it will show you how the ad is contextually performing - i.e., that you have chosen the right keywords and targeting to make sure your ads will contextually (relevantly) fit the results it appears in.

Price: Free

9. Traffic Booster

Take all the hassle out of setting up and running your AdWords campaigns with our very own Traffic booster. for $120 a month, you get access to our expert marketing team - with experience in managing over $100m on ppc ad campaigns - who will create personalized campaigns. the traffic booster algorithm then optimizes bids, keywords and relevant page urls in real-time to get the most effective campaigns at any given moment.

Price: $120 p/m

10. Google Analytics

You can’t optimize your AdWords campaigns without having access to the right data... this is where google analytics comes in. google analytics will show you which keywords are converting, which campaigns brought in the most traffic and how that traffic performed on your page, where they are from, what time of day traffic is highest and so much more.

Struggling to read the metrics? No problem! To make it easier to concentrate on the must-watch metrics we have a free Traffic Tracker tool that displays your Google Analytics in a simple way, making optimization a breeze.

Price: Free

11. AdWords Editor

As you become a master of Google Ads and grow your eCommerce PPC campaigns, adwords editor will help you optimize and edit your campaigns in bulk. with adwords editor you can

  • Download your accounts
  • Manage your ads in bulk
  • Upload changes across all your campaigns

Price: Free

12. Analytics Content Experiments

Lastly, when it comes to optimizing your AdWords campaigns, you will need to assess and test your site and landing page content. This will ensure that you are getting the conversions to match all that good traffic your AdWords campaigns are bringing in. Analytics Content Experiments is free and you can now find this tool from your Google Analytics dashboard.

Here you can compare different page variations to check objectives like bounce rate, page views and session duration to find the optimum formula to ensure satisfaction when visitors click through to your pages from your AdWords campaigns.

Price: Free

Bonus: Top AdWords Tools For Spying on Your Competitors

13. Spyfu

If you want to spy on your competitors and see exactly what keywords they are using for their campaigns and store pages, then SpyFu does the trick.

It will also tell you what they pay per click, how much they are spending, what their click-through rate is, and how many searchers a particular keyword is generating.

Price: $33 p/m

14. iSpionage

Another spy tool is iSpionage, which positions itself as a tool that helps you “get the competitive intelligence tool PPC experts trust and use.” With iSpionage you can:

Price: $29 p/m

If you’re looking for ways to spy on competition on Facebook, head over to our full guide: how to spy on your competitors on facebook.